Andy Hayes

Talking “Capitol Punishment” with @TheOhioChannel #mysteries #andyhayes #crimefiction

It’s always a treat to talk about one’s craft with a well-prepared, witty and gracious interviewer, and even more so on a program dedicated to the promotion of books, reading and ideas. I hit the mother lode speaking with The Ohio Channel‘s Dan Shellenbarger about my latest novel, Capitol Punishment, my writing process and juggling different projects while trying to maintain work-life balance. Here’s how it turned out . . .


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  1. Great interview. I quite enjoyed it. I’m a big fan of the Andy Hayes series, with CAPITOL PUNISHMENT being my favorite title to date. I am also a big fan of a book’s ‘sense of place’ and I like the talk about a ‘sense of place’ becoming a character in a story. Although I live in Maine, I was born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in Dayton. Ohio is a great place to live and has a wonderful literary tradition. On a visit a few years ago, I spent time in German Village and my favorite bookstore of all time is The Book Loft. I’m glad you included these places in your book.

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