The conclusion of the great vampire apocalypse epic of our day? Don’t mind if I do . . . #fridayinterview #crimefiction @jccronin

“It’s psychologically uncomfortable for writers and artists in general not to have a project. The only solution is to just start working on something else.” That’s Justin Cronin, reflecting in a recent Goodreads interview about the completion of his vampire apocalypse trilogy, beginning with The Passage (2010), followed by The Twelve (2012) and concluding with the recently published, The City of Mirrors (my vacation is coming, and this is at the top of the beach-reading list). If anyone earned the right NOT to start another project right away it’s Cronin, whose accomplishment took him ten years and whose trilogy rough draft weighed in at close to 3,500 pages. Cronin’s reflections on the books, their development and in fact what he’s going to do next are this week’s #fridayinterview.



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