Andy Hayes

A real roaming rodent… @PWMPorcupine #truecrime

It’s not often we have a breaking news update to #weirdwednesday, our weekly venture onto the Interwebs for true crime inspiration, but these are historic (histrionic?) times, after all. Yesterday, we brought you the story of a sculpture of a porcupine gone missing from Portland International Jetport campus. Now, thanks to @pamjoywh, we learn it’s possible to follow the artwork’s adventures the way God meant us to: via Twitter. On Tuesday, we encouraged everyone to Drop Everything and Read. Today, we strongly suggest you drop everything and follow @PWMPorcupine. A few samples:

My hair’s still better than this Trump guy’s. #PortlandPorcupine

It’s not that I’m missing. It’s just that my job was one of the 900 affected jobs @Governor_LePage was talking about…

Not missing. Trying out for the @usavolleyball team. Problematic, for about 30,000 needle-like reasons…

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled blog-casts soon…

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