What to give up for Lent? How about bad reading habits…

We interrupt #weirdwednesday, when we beat the Twitter bushes for true crime oddities to shamelessly lift for future plot elements, to mark the beginning of Lent. The Guardian has an excellent list, its “10 Bad Reading Habits to Give Up For Lent,” to which I’ll add two more.

First, lovers of books made of actual paper must give up looking down their noses at fans of e-readers for the next forty days. Kindles, Nooks and all the rest are a convenient way to load up on your favorite reading material for long trips, daily bus rides and lunch hour respites. Downloading a book in ninety seconds from the library can also beat driving there, especially for the elderly, when the weather’s lousy and the cat won’t get off your lap.

Second, fans of e-books have to stop rolling their eyes at the old fogeys who prefer wood-pulp based volumes until Easter. Turning the pages of a hard-bound novel in your designated comfy chair is one of life’s pleasures, especially a favorite you own and can pull off the shelf again and again. You can also share physical books with loved ones (or enemies, if you hated it). The cat can get over itself and hop down for a while.

Happy Fasting!


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