Look, Ma, we is intelligent…

For the second year in a row, Columbus has been named one of the world’s top seven intelligent communities. The honor from the Intelligent Community Forum goes to municipalities that demonstrate “how they have begun to fuse technology, culture and collaboration for economic sustainability.” The 2014 list is a random grouping when you consider two other communities are in Taiwan and three more in Canada. (Arlington County, Virginia, rounded out the group.) Columbus was cited for adding 20,000 jobs as it recovered from the recession. Whether or not you believe the ranking, it joins a long list of similar tallies featuring Columbus: among the top 50 bike friendliest cities; among the bottom 50 least fittest cities; 2nd manliest city; 7th most romantic; 63rd best city for men for dating; 15th most literate city; 16th gayest city; best zoo; best library system, etc., etc. No matter what, we’ll always be the best city called Columbus that still requires the appendage of “Ohio to distinguish it from all the other cities called Columbus. Come to think of it, that doesn’t seem fair, or intelligent, at all.

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