Andy Hayes

I get by with a little help…

“Do you read many mysteries?” my editor asked me recently. I was taken aback for a moment. I’m writing a private investigator series, I thought to myself. Of course I read mysteries. Voraciously. All my life. It reminded me of my job interview with the Associated Press sixteen years ago. “Do you read the AP wire?” I was asked. Again, I was taken aback. I read the wire constantly, every day, I responded. I thought everyone did, at least everyone in my profession of journalism. But apparently it wasn’t something hiring editors at the AP could take for granted, at least in those days. Apparently it’s not something you can assume about mystery writers, either. In the course of writing the first Andy Hayes book, Fourth Down And Out, I read Ian Rankin’s The Impossible Dead,
Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and Michael Connelly’s first three Harry Bosch books, to tap just the tip of the iceberg. I read lots else too, including history, journalism, biographies, science and mainstream commercial fiction. But mysteries are my mainstay: my how-to manuals, my inspiration, my pleasure, and my conscience. Good or bad, but mostly good, they show me the way on a journey that, for me, is uncharted territory.

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