Ex-Quarterback-Theft Charges

An email popped up last week about the coverage of former Ohio State and NFL quarterback Art Schlichter and his latest legal woes. “Is this a slow news day–seems like a lot of interest in a broken-down quarterback leading a tragic existence??” Good question. Let’s review the story of Schlichter (rhymes with “meester”). Once upon a time, he was the golden boy of Ohio football, the rarest of rare starting freshman quarterbacks at Ohio State, and the last quarterback to play for Woody Hayes. Though he left college as Ohio State’s offensive leader, a gambling addiction derailed a short NFL career and eventually he served time in Indiana for forgery and theft convictions. He reemerged in the last decade as a reformed gambler with an inspirational book. Then he was arrested again, earlier this year, charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a scheme whereby he promised college and NFL game tickets, including the Super Bowl, but never delivered. One of Schlichter’s victims was the widow of a former Wendy’s Co. president, which has also ratcheted up interest. Schlichter is now facing 10 years in prison on combined state and federal theft and fraud charges. He has apologized for his actions and says he’s ashamed of his addiction. It’s unclear how big a story he is outside of Ohio, since his NFL career went south quickly because of his gambling. But Ohio State football is still a force unto itself,and its stars are big names forever between Lake Erie and the Ohio River. Wendy’s, headquartered in suburban Columbus, isn’t exactly small potatoes either. So, a lot of interest? Yes. A slow news day? No. It appears Art Schlichter still merits headlines in the land of Buckeyes. http://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/Ex-Ohio-State-NFL-player-pleads-guilty-in-scam-2170213.php

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